Junge Kulturhauptstadt Chemnitz

In addition to the activities of the European Capital of Culture Capital of Culture, Chemnitz has launched its own program, which is being implemented under the auspices of Spinnerei e.V. and Fabmobil e.V..

The aim of the program is to ensure that the Chemnitz awakening will last and continue to have an impact beyond the European Capital of Culture year 2025. The initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation therefore aims to complement the Capital of Culture program both artistically and conceptually and to extend it in terms of time, focusing on artistic projects by and with young people in Chemnitz and the surrounding area from 2024 to 2029.

The program pursues a participatory approach that strengthens Chemnitz's art and cultural venues, involves educational institutions and civil society actors, initiates European partnerships and seeks proximity to Chemnitz's art and youth scene as well as the local migrant communities. The "Young Capital of Culture Chemnitz" (AT) questions the guiding ideas and themes of the Capital of Culture, develops them further and works and works in a collegial exchange with Kulturhauptstadt GmbH and the City of Chemnitz.

Facts about the program
"Young Capital of Culture Chemnitz" (AT) is a program of Spinnerei e.V. and Fabmobil e.V., initiated and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The Federal Cultural Foundation is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Cooperation partners

  • Fabmobil e.V.
  • Stadt Chemnitz
  • Chemnitz 2025 - Kulturhauptstadt Europas

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